Strange sightings in Saskatchewan

The CBC reports that strange hominids have been spotted near Prince Albert this month:

They say a woman from the village was driving to Prince Albert on Saturday afternoon when she saw a creature near the side of the highway at Torch River.

“She slowed down, thinking maybe a bear,” Roberts said. “She stopped and watched … and saw it going alongside the hill and knew it was not a bear.”

The woman continued driving until she was in cell phone range, then stopped to call home. She described seeing a large, “very hairy” creature that walked upright.

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3 responses to “Strange sightings in Saskatchewan

  1. I saw a thing running across the road it looked like a person but at the same time it looked like an animal that was about 15 years ago the highway from shellbrooke to prince albert.

  2. Coming from Alberta, we thought that the LAST place to find sasquatch would be Saskatchewan. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I suspect that Sask has just as many sightings as Alberta it’s just not talked about as much.

    Since moving out here, Sasquatch has become my family’s reality.

  3. i saw some thing fitting that discription in 2006 i was with my cousin who was 3 at the time we were walking on the far reserve roan in laronge sask when i felt some thing watching me then i looked up at my cousin who was ahead of me we were on a hill and i noticed him lookin behind me with a confused look on his face i turned a round there was a dark hairy creature looking at us from the tree line i told him to run up the “i’ll race u i said ” when i turned around to see if it was following me but it was gone . remarkably he still remembers he’ll always ask”
    do u remember that hairy monster in the bush”.

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