Psychic helps ease wintery blues

Dona Piercy

She has a crystal ball, so she must know what she’s doing, right?

The Russian Tea Room, decorated with twinkling lights, a waving Santa and the television yule log a-burning, is a happy refuge from the darkness of late December. And a busy one. Dona Piercy, a spiritual guide who works at a large table in the back, is completely booked.

Christmas is stressful, filled with anxiety and uncertainty. The gift-giving aspect of the holiday, which is supposed to make us feel good, transforms us into mega-consumers. We work all day and shop all night, tortured by full parking lots, long lines, irritated cashiers, fluorescent lights and Boney-M.

Sapped of energy, Piercy’s clients want to know that the season won’t bankrupt them, that the year ahead will be as meaningful and rewarding as It’s A Wonderful Life promises.

Piercy says there’s more to it than that. In the days surrounding the winter solstice, a holy time for many cultures, as far back as anthropology and archaeology reach, “People want to connect more,” she says, “and that’s what the universe wants, right?”

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2 responses to “Psychic helps ease wintery blues

  1. She’s just plain creepy, glad it’s summer sown here.

  2. Could you give me an e-mail address or telephone number of how to contact Dona Piercy?

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