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Wedding dress washes up on Toronto shores

Wedding dress

Two Torontonians found a wedding dress bobbing in the icy waves of Lake Ontario.  Edda Dolcetti and Peter Lendardon were photographing swans when they spotted the dress in the lake and pulled it out; a headpiece and long white gloves were floating a little further out, just out of reach. What happened? Jilted bride? Art project? Full story


‘Creepy’ paintings removed from Ottawa hospital

Four queens

These paintings by Shirley Brown hung in the waiting room of an Ottawa hospital, until the staff noticed that the artwork was freaking the patients out. Full story here

Odd things over Oshawa

Odd thing

On Dec. 23, 2006, here in Oshawa, we had great clear skies. I took a moment to sky watch around after 12:30 PM, and took some pictures facing south, over Lake Ontario.

This particular photo caught my eye of two unknowns photographed. The top one near the clouds appears disc shaped, as the bottom one appears capsule shaped and brilliant white. The temperature was unusually warm here, even bringing out insects. I can’t really say what has been photographed.

More at UFO Casebook.

Wilno vampire lore

Wilno sign

Jan Perkowski visited this small town, northeast of Barry’s Bay, Ontario, in 1968-69 to gather local vampire lore. Home to Canada’s first Polish settlement, Wilno gained another claim to fame when Perkowski’s report was published in 1972:

Perkowski’s report begins with (page 2) “a picture of a small grave enclosed by a white picket fence. The quote under the photograph says that if a vampire is not destroyed before he is buried, he rises again and carries off his relatives and others in the neighbourhood.”

“It happened at Wilno….They had to dig it up and cut off the head while he sat in the coffin.”

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