Aurora borealis seen from space

Aurora Borealis from space

Yoinked from Raincoaster. I’ve seen some amazing Northern Lights displays during long summer nights in North Bay, when I was growing up; I don’t think I’ve seen any since I’ve lived in Kingston.


The government has neat stuff

Uncanny Tales Uncanny Tales

I stumbled across a GREAT section of the National Library and Archives site dealing with Canadian pulp fiction, Tales From The Vault, and here’s a page of particularly Fortean interest although the whole site is worth a look:

“Where Are the Great Cities of the North?”: Uncanny Tales and the Question of Canadian Identity

Yes, I’m afraid it’s the dreaded i-word again, but don’t let that put you off.

Wilno vampire lore

Wilno sign

Jan Perkowski visited this small town, northeast of Barry’s Bay, Ontario, in 1968-69 to gather local vampire lore. Home to Canada’s first Polish settlement, Wilno gained another claim to fame when Perkowski’s report was published in 1972:

Perkowski’s report begins with (page 2) “a picture of a small grave enclosed by a white picket fence. The quote under the photograph says that if a vampire is not destroyed before he is buried, he rises again and carries off his relatives and others in the neighbourhood.”

“It happened at Wilno….They had to dig it up and cut off the head while he sat in the coffin.”

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Manitoba Bigfoot on Discovery Channel

Discussion and footage of something seen in Manitoba last year.

Do ETs exist?

Yakov Samuel at The Canadian weighs in on whether UFOs exist, and if so, who stands to gain from a cover-up. Here’s one purported UFO, photographed from the Vancouver Island ferry in November 2005, which looks awfully seagullish to me…

It's a damn seagull

Strange sightings in Saskatchewan

The CBC reports that strange hominids have been spotted near Prince Albert this month:

They say a woman from the village was driving to Prince Albert on Saturday afternoon when she saw a creature near the side of the highway at Torch River.

“She slowed down, thinking maybe a bear,” Roberts said. “She stopped and watched … and saw it going alongside the hill and knew it was not a bear.”

The woman continued driving until she was in cell phone range, then stopped to call home. She described seeing a large, “very hairy” creature that walked upright.

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